Epiphany Banner

"The Cosmos Shrouded in Majesty"

It's possible to have a beautiful piece of art emerge without a title that adequately captures the fullness of the work itself.  This was the case of the first-ever silk banner at Holy Cross.

For a weekend in the Fall of 2007, members and friends of Holy Cross came together to learn the art of making a silk banner.  This "making" of the banner was actually at the end of the project, rather than the beginning.  A series of conversations lead to a series of renderings which lead to an invite to renowed artist, Kristen Gilje, to spend a weekend with us teaching us the art of silk banner-making.  The end-goal was the creation of triptych banner for Epiphany, each panel measuring 3 feet wide and 12 feet long.  It hung above the altar-table in the worship space for the duration of the Season of Epiphany.

The banner that was created in a weekend was the product of many months of praying, listening, and working on a theme that would capture the essence of Epiphany.  Epiphany is the season of the church year that ends the Advent-Christmas Cycle.  It signals the dawn of the light of Christ for a world shrouded in darkness.  It also signals the arrival of the Magi, bearing gifts for the Christ-child.

The group that worked on the conceptualization of this piece of art leafed through many pages of scripture, searching for texts that spoke to the majesty and marvel of God, and the fact that all of this glory was redirected into one very human, Jesus of Nazareth.  The group wanted to convey a message that spoke to the paradox of a majestic God entering into the fray of human living.

As has become customary for the group, no more can be said.  There is no objective meaning of the art.  Each viewer will have to fend for him or herself on whatever grounds he or she chooses.

May this Epiphany art speak the word you need to hear; convey the image you need to see; communicate the message you need to live.


Epiphany Banner

Epiphany Art designed and created in 2008.

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