Senior High Youth

At Holy Cross, we take kids seriously. This doesn't mean we expect kids to act like adults.  We don't.  By taking kids seriously - our eyes, ears, hearts, and hands - are open to receive what God would teach us through the voice and witness of children.  

We do a disservice to ourselves, and to kids, when we project their ultimate value into adulthood, as though God speaks exclusively through adults.  We know this isn't true and, yet, we continue to act as though it were true.  It's time to confess our sin of indifference to children, and start getting things right.

Sunday mornings at Holy Cross with re:form give shape to the whole of Sr. High ministry here.  Everything else - retreats, national youth gatherings, events, trips, servant projects, mission trips - are all extensions of the core concepts and material we cover on Sundays. Being re:formed and connecting in worship, help shape the sort of people we are becoming.

The four-fold focus of Sr. High youth ministry at Holy Cross is:

1.  CREED - knowing and understanding what you believe in
2.  COMMUNITY - something and someone to belong to
3.  CALL - created for something, and the world needs us to be about it
4.  HOPE - why does it all matter