God has called and desires us to be a congregation...

  • who is called to point to the resurrection of God's crucified Messiah in the authentic witness of our words and actions.
  • whose worship life forms the center and core of our shared life together.
  • who lifts up people, from birth to death, to be hopeful and faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • whose people believe God's vision for the world so deeply matters that it is willing to make sacrifices to help realize God's vision.
  • who believe that God works in and through us to bring his message of hope and love to all the world.
  • who believes that disciples are best welcomed, taught, and empowered in the context of missional communities.
  • who, by grace, reaches out to those who have no relationshp or a broken relationship with the church.
  • who stands with the poor, the powerless, the aging, the dying, and the disenfranchised with the compassion of Christ.
  • who takes seriously the mentoring and coaching of future leaders for the Church.
  • who, above everything else, keeps the grace of the crucified and risen Christ as the central focus of our shared life together and as the guide for our every thought and action.