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Our Vision, that everyone might live and thrive in the love and grace of God, is a dream so big that we know any hope of touching it will be through the movement of God's Spirit.  It is a vision that we can realize in small ways each and every day, but a vision so bold that we will never achieve its fullness in this lifetime.

While we have owned this vision, it in no way originates with us.  We believe it is God's vision for the world. We are constantly seeking to find where God is already at work in the world, and we are looking for opportunities to be involved.  The way in which we live our lives bears witness to God's vision that all might live and thrive in the love and grace of God.

For all the ways that we have failed to bear witness to God's vision for the world, we repent, and are even more grateful that God's vision isn't simply for others, but for us as well.


Sunday Worship Celebration: 9:30 am.