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Sunday School

Spark is a faith formation program that gets children ages 2 through grade 5 excited about God’s Word. Spark lessons bring to life 150 stories from the Old and New Testament through games, art, music, and science, to accommodate all the different ways kids learn.

For kids in preschool (age 3 potty trained) to Grade 5, each workshop rotation is focused on a rich Bible story or group of Bible stories about particular characters. Workshop rotations include Art, Bible Skills and Games, Cooking, Creative Drama, Music, Science, and Video.  Preschoolers experience an in-room rotation with Storytelling, Art, Snack, Music and Game stations. 


All kids in Spark receive a Bible.  Preschoolers through grade 2 receive the Spark Story Bible.  

Grades 3 - 5 receive the Spark Bible (NRSV).

Spark begins each Sunday in the worship space at 10:45 a.m. Parents sign their child in, and are welcomed, even encouraged to stay.  Having parents participate in Spark with their children is a great asset to the Spark's ministry.  

The opening in the worship space begins and ends with prayer.  We take the prayer requests of the children very seriously, knowing that they can often feel things very deeply, even as adults experience similar emotions. The content of the opening centers around the theme the kids will be exploring at their station.  There is a time for music where lyrics put to rhythm help embed the lesson for the day in the kids minds, preparing them to engage the day's theme as soon as they enter their station. The opening generally takes 10-15 minutes, and the remaining 30 minutes are spent in each classes rotation assigned for the day.

Each child is signed out of the same classroom each day.  While stations may happen outside the classroom, for example, the cooking station will often happen in the kitchen, kids are brought back to their base classroom for check-out.  As soon as you sign your child out, you and your child are free to go.

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Sunday Worship Celebration: 9:30 am.