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Middle School Youth

The backbone of Junior High Ministry at Holy Cross is the C.I.A ministry or Confirmands in Action. 

Confirmation, also known as the affirmation of baptism, is a two-year journey that sixth and seventh graders take as they begin to unpack the promises that were made on their behalf at baptism.  Claimed and called by name in baptism as infants, students are now asked to consider what it means to say "yes" to God in Christ Jesus, as parents and sponsors said "yes" years earlier at their baptism.

C.I.A. is a process by which adolescents are aided in determining the role that faith will play in their life.  While the goal is to help children deepen their trust in God's promises, strengthen their sense of call to and for the world that God loves, and equip them to live out that call, the over-arching goal, or anticipated outcome, is to instill a desire for authenticity as a child of God.

Authenticity is the presence of mind to be who one is, despite pressures to offer answers that do not originate with us, or live lives that do not reflect who and what we value.  While it is easy to nudge our children in a direction that may reflect our driving values as adults, this is not always the best thing for our children.  In seeking to help them discover who God is, we must be prepared for the many different ways this discovery happens, even if and when it does not perfectly align with our choices for them.  This does not mean that we do not stand side-by-side with them, asking the difficult questions and being willing to offer hard answers; in fact, it means this and more.  

When we can stand alongside our children, and know that their faith is the genuine expression of their authentic searching and longing, even when it is messy and non-linear, and not like our journey, then we can know that God is working through us.

Four key ways that the two year process is structured are:

1. A quest for knowledge: It is important to be grounded in the voice and witness of those; in the ancient wisdom of our Jewish and Christian faith. (pretext)

2. A hunger for understanding: It is not enough to know or possess knowledge alone. One must also seek to understand by continually pursuing the question - What does this mean? (text)

3. A desire for application: It is not enough to simply possess knowledge and understand its meaning alone. One must also seek to live according to that which is known and understood, and to seek knowledge and understanding when new experiences arise. (context)

4. A patience for reflection: Through knowledge and understanding, and the application of both, one must also be prepared to do the difficult work of reflecting on the value of living out of a sense of call. Reflection continually seeks to answer the question - "Why does this matter?" (subtext)

The two year journey of C.I.A. is comprised of several core vehicles:
1.  Regular participation and leadership in Sunday morning worship.
2.  Regular participation in Sunday morning C.I.A. huddles with adult asset builders, also known as shepherds.
3.  Two retreats each year at
Mt. Cross Camp in the Santa Cruz mountains.
4.  Participation and leadership in special servant projects throughout the year.
5.  Entertaining and fun events that happen throughout the year (concerts, amusement parks, games, etc.)

Questions or comments regarding C.I.A. at Holy Cross? Contact C.I.A Director,
 Pastor John Bost. You can also fill out the form below with your specific questions/comments, and someone will be in touch with you shortly.


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